All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.



  • serverinfo command now displays the number of boosts of the server

  • New achievements command

  • images commands have been fixed



  • New mention-role command


  • If a member is muted and leaves and returns, he will always be muted

  • User game is now displayed in the userinfo command

  • Fix invitations command

  • Rep cooldown is now user based and not member based

  • steal command was renamed to rob

  • minimize command was renamed to shorturl

  • ban command now accepts ids

  • Fixes some other minor bugs



  • New fortniteshop command

  • New Fornite Shop channel, in which a shop image made with canvas is sent every morning

  • New staff command to get the staff members list of a guild

  • New deletemod command if you want that the moderation commands will be deleted automatically

  • New clearwarns command to delete all warns of a member


  • New Statistics tab

    • New Guild Stats page to get the stats of a specific guild

    • New Stats button on the selector page

  • New settings page to configure your profile and the website (language, logout, etc...)


  • Economy is now guild based

  • New steal command

  • New deposit command

  • New withdraw command

  • profile command was edited

  • work and rep cooldown is now 6h instead of 12h

  • Add work streak

[4.0.0] - 2019-01-08


  • Welcome and goodbye images were improved (using Canvas)

  • Fortnite stats are now displayed in images (using Canvas)

  • New calc command

  • 13 new commands in images category

  • *clear all to clear all the messages in a channel

  • vote alias has come back


  • Now no longer considers that you are over 80 years old with the birthdate command

  • clear command now checks if the parameter is a number

  • announcement command now checks if the message length is higher than 1030

  • warn command now checks if the mentionned member is not a bot

  • setlogs command renamed to setmodlogs

  • ignore, slowmode, automod, goodbye, welcome, setmodlogs and setsuggests now check if the mentionned channel is a text channel and if the channel is in the current guild

  • The design of the help command has been improved

  • The help command now displays the number of commands executed in the last 7 days

  • And many other small bugs!


  • Dashboard is back in the same repository as Atlanta to make things easier

  • Support for almost all server settings (welcome messages, goodbye messages, prefix, language, etc...)

  • English and French support

  • Page for displaying the ranking

  • Page to display a user's profile

  • Page to edit the profile

  • Server search form

[3.5.0] - 2019-11-07


  • New backup command

  • New announcement command

  • New giveaway command

  • Users commands cooldown

  • Vote system for skip and stop commands

  • -g option to the help command

  • Translation for commands usage and commands examples

  • The minecraft command supports Minecraft Pocket Edition servers


  • Now use Discord.js v12.0.0 instead of Discord.js v11.5.0

  • Now use DeepL Translate instead of Yandex Translate

  • Now use MongoDB instead of quick.db

  • Now use Node-Fetch instead of Snekfetch

  • Now use of let instead of var for a better scoping

  • Clarification of language files

  • vote is now rewarded with 40 credits

  • Most commands are now available in private messages

  • The help command is now paginated

  • leave command renamed to goodbye command

  • credits command renamed to money command

  • warns command renamed to sanctions command

  • All the emojis were updated

  • Update links in the invite command

  • Best parse of time


  • Blacklist command and blacklist system

  • Dashboard (now in another repository)

[3.0.0] - 2018-17-04


  • New slots command

  • New badge command

  • Welcome and goodbye images

  • New Music category

    • New play command

    • New stop command

    • New skip command

    • New np (now playing) command

    • New pause command

    • New resume command

  • New informations on the stats command

  • Support for command aliases

  • Support for translations (english and french)

  • Support for commands in direct messages

  • Two new prefixes: @Atlanta and Atlanta

  • Warns logs (to have a history of the warns)

  • New available parameters for the leaderboard command


  • The bot is now 100% open source

  • Cooldown of the work command is now 24h

  • Simplification of the flip command

  • The moderation logs are now more accurate and more beautiful

  • The ban command now checks if the user/member is already banned

  • Updates of some controls from an appearance point of view


  • Premium version

  • Taxes on the command paid


  • Improved loading speed of the invite command

  • Fix bugs that allowed you to get married to yourself and to get married to two people are fixed

  • Fixed bugs that allowed you to enter any date with the birthdate command