Developers questions

If, when you try to install the modules with npm install this error appears, don't panic it is very easy to solve.

It simply means that Git is not properly installed on your machine. Many tutorials are available on google for any type of operating system.

Can I host the bot on Glitch?

No you can't. MongoDB is not available on Glitch.

Can I host the bot on Heroku?

Yes, sure even if it will require you to be a little resourceful and time consuming. Here are some help links:

Good luck!

Users questions

Why don't the welcome messages get sent?

You can configure welcome messages with *welcome and goodbye messages with *goodbye. If the welcome and/or goodbye messages don't get sent, type *conf to see your server configuration. Check that Atlanta has the permissions to send messages (and images if you have them enabled). If all this is done and the message still doesn't get sent, contact support!

How does auto-moderation work?

Auto moderation automatically removes Discord invitations. This prevents members from promoting their server in the chat. If you have a salon dedicated to advertising, you have the possibility to disable auto moderation: *automod off #channel.

The bot does not respond after sending a command

Check that the bot has the permissions to send messages and try again. If it still doesn't work, it's a bug, join the support server!

Any more questions? Join the support server!